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What’s in a name? Everything.

The name Comio reflects our core. The ‘COM’ in Comio stands for .com and represents the Internet, whereas the ‘I’ and ‘O’ stand for I and You. Therefore, Comio connects You and I via the internet. Comio devices build a bridge between you and the rest of the world through the invincible power of internet. We believe in sharing our experiences, being more connected and celebrating the diversity. We are on our way to build a tightly knit Comio community, or as India calls it - Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam (The whole world is my family).

Journey to India

Comio is the flagship mobile devices brand of Topwise Communications. Year 2006 saw the parent company’s genesis and a decade later, it is renowned for its well-integrated ecosystem of R&D, Software, Hardware, Manufacturing prowess and Consumer-centric brands. And now, it’s here.

Ushering in a new era of Mobility

The young indians are known for their appetite for growth and technology but more so they demand value for every paisa. Comio understands this challenge and therefore we are on a quest to create smartphone experience that delight and inspire the Indian consumers with innovation, excellent build quality and the smoothest internet experience.

An inspired Vision

Our vision is to lead innovations in technology, products and solutions that inspire the rest to join our objective of making a better world. Innovation, Partnership and Great People are the three key strategic pillars that uphold everything we do. We offer new ethics to the industry and consumers while rewarding shared values of our employees and associates. At Comio, we want to craft a future that is exhilarating and promising for all together.

Team Comio
At the helm
Sanjay Kumar Kalirona
Sanjay Kumar Kalirona CEO & Director

Team Comio India is spearheaded by Sanjay Kalirona, a mobile Industry stalwart and thought leader known for building several mobile brands from the scratch. His core strength lies in leading and motivating people and building sturdy offline partner networks.

Sumit Sehgal CMO
Anil Tiwari Product Head
Harjit Madaan Finance Head
Pragati Khare HR Head
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