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Criteria for a Mobile Handset to be a DOA

In the case of DOA Policy, Handsets which will be activated on and after 12th November 2018 will come with 7 Days DOA policy. Handsets that are activated before 12th November 2018 will come with a 30 Days DOA policy.


S. No. Criteria for a product to be DOA
1 Handset should be in good condition.
2 No signs of major scratches, damage, tampering, liquid damage or user defect.
3 All accessory available and gift box in new condition.
4 IMEI number of Handset/ gift Box & Original Invoice should match.
5 Gift Box & Warranty Seal should be intact.
6 Problem reported is not a software bug which can be solved by reloading the software, Handset should have functional defect. This functional defect must be reported in Service Center.
7 DOA will not be issued for Software/ Network/ Heating related issues.
8 DOA will not be issued for feature related problem which are not in product specifications.
9 DOA policy is limited to the mobile handset and not to its accessories.
Note: In case, DOA Check list criteria's is not fulfilled, Mobile Handset shall be booked under Repair.
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