They are young and are full of zeal, ready to take on the world with their fiery ambition and unyielding confidence. They are the youth of today and wouldn’t settle for less, come what may. Today’s youth is strongly connected to social media and smartphones are the most widely used access tools for it. Smartphones are omnipresent and powerfully influence their lives. Youth and smartphones have become synonymous with each other. So in order to keep up with their increasing demands and needs, we decided to craft the ‘perfect’ masterpiece for them. And Comio C2 Lite is our answer to that. The name itself defines our philosophy behind this new launch. These are created by the youth, and for the youth; and there’s is no doubt in it.

The new generation of today deserves all the newest of features in a smartphone, that is able to handle their choices and never-ending desires. The Comio C2 Lite has everything needed to qualify as the absolute companion for today’s youth. We dared to go beyond the ordinary and designed it with the power to deliver much more. Designed for the youth, it updates camera phones a whole new generation. Powered with a massive 3900 mAh battery, it offers up to 2 days talktime over a single charge. No more fussing over drained battery means more time or challenging experiments on-the-go.

Capture memories like a pro and flaunt your funny and wild side with the 5 MP Selfie Camera with Flash, which is aptly powerful to get your selfie-game on point. Its 8 MP Rear AF Camera with flash assures that you would not want to miss out on life’s most beautiful moments.

With a decent 1.5 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM as memory specs, the Comio C2 Lite offers more power to your larger-than-life dreams. Its powerful 1.3GHz Quad core processor promises to keep you at pace with the changing times of today. What more would a youth dare to desire?

Adding on to its aspects, this super smartphone has the extra advantage of OTG support, thus letting one forget all the qualms of limited space and memory. Now, never have a dull moment on-the-go; be it your favourite songs, movies or games – carry unlimited entertainment all along, thanks to OTG.

Its super sleek 5-inch body with HD IPS display comes pre-installed with cool security apps such as Selfie Intruder, Anti-Virus and Anti-theft & Security, much needed by the youth of our generation. It also comes with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat OS, and supports 4G VoLTE, leaving no space for its owner to lag behind. With three stylishly stunning colours of Royal Black, Sunrise Gold and Metallic Grey to choose from, there’s definitely one specially designed for each one of the adventurous souls out there. So what’s the wait for? Go grab one and unleash the power inside!

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