With drop-dead gorgeous looks, and a style that you can’t help but flaunt, our S1 Lite comes with a revolutionary 8 MP selfie front camera with flash, coupled with 4P lens and F 2.2. Go candid or crazy and capture your life’s best moments with our wide-angle lens and show the world your ‘selfies’ and ‘groupfies’. Explore your spirit animal with a bevy of ‘face cute’ features to choose from and never miss out on keeping up with your regular social-media updates. Click flawless, celebrity-like pictures with our built-in smoothing features of ‘Beauty camera mode’ and let yourself stay gorgeous as you are. Satiate the pro photographer in you and indulge yourself in the beautiful Bokeh and pro camera modes. Like we say, ‘More power to the pro in you’.

With all of these features already in hand, how can one forget that ‘Life is all about the bigger picture?’ Our spectacular S1 Lite gives you just that and much more. Capture the panoramic spectacle in a much bigger and better landscape version. While we are already amazed by its stunning camera modes, and feel that there wouldn’t be anything else to be surprised of, Comio S1 Lite clearly had other plans for us. Its 5 inch (12.7cm) screen comes bundled with HD IPS display with1280*720 Resolution, which would let you enjoy more of high definition now and give you the freedom to capture every detail in its truest of colours like never before.

Complementing the excellently brilliant front camera, the Comio S1 Lite brings every shot to life with its 13 MP AF rear camera with dual LED flash and 5P lens with F 2.0. Its big 5-inch screen gives you all the liberty to capture bigger frames in higher resolution. With excellent video recording quality up to 720P at the back at 480P at the front, there is nothing left to ask for more.

The S1 Lite give you the power to flaunt and freedom to choose. And the choice is yours. Make a good one.

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