Young lovers have to listen to and cope with a lot of societal constraints on Valentine’s Day, which often leaves them pining for new rules for lovers. Imagine if you really had the power to propose new laws for lovers to a Ministry of your own.

This Valentine’s Day, Comio India, in keeping with their brand philosophy of #DontListen Kar Daal is launching a unique initiative called ‘Comio Ministry of Love Affairs’ powered by the Comio S1 and P1 Smartphones.

Under this initiative, we at Comio will be painting the social media red by asking the youth to suggest new laws and table bills to the #MinistryOfLoveAffairs. After all, freedom of expression is the first step towards bringing about change.

So go on, flaunt your love by proposing new laws for lovers with #ComioLoveBill over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget to tag @ComioIndia on Facebook/Instagram and @Comio_In on twitter. The best ideas get  a chance to win Rs.1000 Amazon vouchers. Come, let’s stand together and celebrate love under the #MinistryOfLoveAffairs powered by Comio.

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