Padhai Karo, khel kud se kuch nhi hoga! No late night parties for girls! Do these opinions sound familiar to you! We draw our inspiration from today’s youth, their burning ambition, their fiery passion and unyielding confidence. And as a smartphone brand, we wish to be an enabler to them on their journey.

Which brings us to our next big thing, the #DontListen Kar Daal contest. Through this contest, we aim to celebrate each one of you who have ignored the naysayers, who chose not to conform, who chose not to listen to others and just follow their hearts. The spirit of our campaign #DontListen Kar Daal is all about not listening to the negativity around us, and doing what our heart tells us to.

If this resonates with your moment of truth, share your #DontListen Kar Daal story with the world as text, image or video at If your story is worth its salt, you could win one of the 100 EVC tickets for the upcoming Comio EVC Mumbai 2017, India’s largest multi-genre two-day music fest experience. Wait, there’s more – 100 stunning Comio S1 smartphones are also up for grabs. So what are you waiting for? Share kar daal.

#DontListen Kar Daal. Click Here

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