No more freaking out if your phone is not on you. Whether you’ve lost it or don’t exactly remember where your Comio smartphone could be, you always have a way to find out. Often, calling your mobile number is the best way out. But what if you don’t have any other phone with you? Be it a fun prank pulled on you by your friends or your absent-mindedness, there’s always a solution.

So if you have no clue where you left your phone, all you need is an internet-connecting device to locate it.

  • Google to the rescue: If you’re using an Android-powered Comio smartphone, surely you must have a Google Account too. All you need to do is simply navigate to the address bar and search for “find my phone android”. (It may ask for account credentials, just enter your email address and password). Once you’re done, Google will locate the phone for you.
  • Let your phone shout for you: Simply click on ‘Play Sound’and your phone will start ringing. Don’t worry if your phone is on silent mode. Google will make your phone ring even if it is silent. 
  • Protecting your data: In the worst case scenario, the phone may not be nearby, so you won’t hear it ringing. To keep your smartphone data protected, use the other option to Enable Lock.Just a minute or two, and you have the control of your phone. The best idea, however, is to never let your phone stray away from you.
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