As the world-wide-web grows bigger with each passing day, a smartphone is the most important gadget you can own today. Be it connecting with your loved ones through facebook or any other social media of your choosing, or acing online games, a new-age smartphone is your gateway to pretty much everything.

However, most of the users get puzzled when it comes to choosing a smartphone that fits their needs perfectly. In these fast-paced times, personalization really matters. Your smartphone is not just a gadget anymore, but more like your extension. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student or a homemaker, whether you’re out on a business meet or on a date, your smartphone reflects a lot of who you truly are. To meet the challenge of picking the right smartphone, here is a quick 5-point checklist you may refer to while buying a smartphone:

1. Screen Size: One that Fits your World

The most powerful smartphones are the one that flaunt a relatively large display and yet are comfortable to use and carry in pockets. If you are big on video streaming and gaming, then a Comio smartphone of over 5 inches of the display will suit your need the best.

2. Clarity and Screen Resolution

Low-quality video is a nightmare for anyone who loves to binge on videos. So one may always want to choose the 1280 x720 HD or higher display resolution to enjoy the best video-viewing experience.

3. High-end RAM

The user category that seeks high RAM are mostly the gaming enthusiasts. A capacity of 3GB RAM is a pretty good pick for them. And for more generic usage, a 2 GB RAM may also suffice. The more RAM a smartphone has, the quicker the processes will be. So, if you’re thinking of buying a smartphone with fewer RAM specifics, ensure that you update the software regularly.

4. Battery Life

Needless to say that a battery is a smartphone’s lifeline on a daily basis. A smartphone’s battery capacity is measured in mAh (milli Ampere Hour). Choose a high mAh battery to enjoy uninterrupted and powerful mobile experience. Try the Comio P1 with 5000 mAh or the Comio C2 with 4000 mAh to enjoy approximately two days of normal usage.

5. Selfie’s Swag

No smartphone is good enough if the camera specifics don’t meet your expectations. Be it face recognition technology or the wide-angle selfie, one ought to choose the best. If clicking pictures is your passion, take it up a notch by picking the Comio S1 that flaunts 13 MP rear camera and 8MP front camera. It gets even better as the flash feature is available for both front and rear camera.

So these are some of the criteria one may look at while choosing the perfect smartphone. But the list remains incomplete if we leave out the looks and design of the smartphone. One may wish to pick a metal frame smartphone that resonates with one’s personality. For the vibrant and energetic ones, a colour like Sunrise Gold adds that X-factor. Likewise, if you wish for your gadget to complement your classy appearance, you may always go for Royal Black colour. Or go all out and make a powerful statement by picking a Metal grey smartphone and enjoy being the new talk of the town. So, all geared up to go get your perfect new smartphone?

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